Angel Investors 101: 3 tips on finding your start-ups Angels

Angel Investors 101: 3 tips on finding your start-ups Angels

Feb 21, 2017

So you have your idea, your team, your product, and now- you need your investors to officially get you started. More specifically, your Angel investors. Angel investors are not just any investors. Angels specifically invest in small start-ups and businesses that they see potential in, in order to help the start up through their early stages which, for start-ups can be the most struggling. 
Compared to other investors, Angel Investors usually invest at much more favourable terms as well. Unlike taking a loan from the bank, Angel Investors not only provide monetary assistance, but their expertise too. Angels don’t just have the finances to back your start up, but they also have years of organic experience in similar business structures, which means they help not only in the financial hardships of a business, but along all the beginning steps of a business, too.
If you have established your idea, product and team, and are ready to be financed, here are three tips to finding your Angel:

1. Network

Just as you would network for a job, or at your university, or for anything else, Networking when you have a start-up is key- especially when looking for the Angel investor that will eventually back you. Use your existing network to pick up any leads you can on an angel investor that would be interested in investing in your start up. 

2. Zero In

By zeroing in, and narrowing down who your exact target of angel investors should be, it will help you in deciding where you should be marketing your start up, and to who you should be reaching out to. By having a more defined approach to finding your angel investor, you can then more efficiently find them. Try looking for angels who have previously invested in similar start-ups, who have working in similar industries, who have experience in the area your start up is in, and ideally, who live close distance of your base. 

3. Events, events, and more events

Attending as many relevant events as you can, can not only help you network and spread the knowledge of your start up, but can also help put you in touch with your future angel. By targeting specific angels ahead of time, and joining events in which they speak at could be the best way to try and score the angel investor you are targeting the most.